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The 5G Evolution: 3GPP Releases 16-17

The 5G Evolution: 3GPP Releases 16-17 highlights new features in 5G that will define the next phase of 5G network deployments across the globe.  According to data from Ovum, there were approximately five million 5G subscriptions at

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5G and the Cloud

To highlight the value and challenges of Cloud-Native, 5G Americas announced the publication of a white paper titled, 5G and the Cloud.   The white paper introduces these cloud-native concepts, grapples with how they

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5G Service Innovation

With 46 5G networks now deployed globally as of November 2019, 5G networks are expanding the value of wireless communications like never before. According to

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5G At The Edge

‘5G at the Edge’ white paper that explores new groundbreaking possibilities emerging from the combination of Edge Computing with 5G technologies. Edge Computing refers to

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5G: The Future of IoT

5G: The Future of IoT takes a look at the market drivers, trends and cellular technology solutions that will create our connected future. Market drivers provide

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5G Spectrum Vision

5G Americas, the industry trade association and voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas, today announced the publication of 5G Spectrum Vision outlining the spectrum inventory

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