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Webinar – The Journey to Standalone 5G

April 16, 2020 Free to attend

5G is now a mainstream topic of conversation, not just within the telecom industry but in wider consumer and enterprise communities as well. 

Whilst the rollout of 5G RAN is taking place at an impressive rate, there is still a long way to go until carriers will be positioned to announce the launch of fully standalone 5G, along with the promises of high speeds, low latency and the introduction of next gen applications.  

 As carriers look to secure ROI on their 5G investments, we take a look at the key steps that carriers must take to make standalone 5G a reality, including:

  • What will be the defining industry requirements for 5G core? 
  • With the release of 3GPP Release 16 scheduled for mid-way through 2020, how are standards helping to enable standalone 5G? 
  • Assessing the role of public cloud as an integrated component on 5G networks 
  • Considering the deployment of microservices, containers & APIs: Are carriers ready to adopt new, software first outlooks for their 5G networks? 
  • What more need to be done to facilitate open source networking? 
  • How might carriers’ best architect their networks to efficiently deliver new monetizable services to customers?  
  • How will standalone 5G change the game?  

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