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VMware, Dell Technologies & SK Telecom to Collaborate on an Integrated MEC Solution

VMWare Blog| Jan 28, 2021

OneBox MEC To Bring Together Edge Computing and Private 5G

Today we announced VMware is partnering with Dell Technologies and SK Telecom to develop a multi-access edge computing (MEC) solution, OneBox MEC, that brings together private 5G and edge computing capabilities.

MEC moves compute workloads from a centralized cloud to the edge of a network. By analyzing, processing, and storing data closer to the customer, we can achieve low latency and real-time communications.

Let me share a use case where it would be advantageous to move compute from the cloud to the edge.

Tech-forward retailers use smart surveillance cameras to analyze how customers move around their stores. The insights gleamed from this data help them provide a better shopping experience. If the retailer connected hundreds of cameras set up across multiple store locations to the cloud, high connectivity costs may become prohibitive.

Instead, with an edge computing solution, analysis of the video is streamed via a reliable and high-performance 5G connection to a server on the retail premises, which can aggregate the video feeds and perform the analysis. The only data that would need to be sent to the cloud would be that used for longer-term trend analysis and storage. From a security standpoint, all identifiable footage of customers would remain on the retail store premises.

This is just one of many use cases that exist today. The healthcare industry could use this model to improve in-patient monitoring. As robotics continue to proliferate on the assembly line, manufacturers could utilize a MEC solution to improve predictive maintenance on these connected machines.

Leading operators, like SK Telecom, see an opportunity to deliver MEC as a service to enterprise customers across a variety of industries that face similar use cases.

The MEC solution that SK Telcom is developing with Dell Technologies and VMware pairs edge computing functionality with private 5G network functions – using the same hardware. A solution that combines edge computing and private connectivity will be able to deliver both operational simplicity and infrastructure benefits in terms of the cost and space of the solution.

Let’s take a closer look at the OneBox MEC solution.

The OneBox MEC can use the Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 server for data-intensive, low-latency edge services to deliver the performance, availability and security required for CSPs to build their portfolio of private 5G and edge solutions.

Workloads can run on top of VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform, which enables the solution to include both virtualized network functions and cloud native applications. In addition, VMware Telco Cloud Automation will provide onboarding, life cycle management, and zero touch provisioning of both the MEC infrastructure and applications/services.

We are excited to play a critical role in delivering a solution that will help enterprises innovate at the edge with greater velocity. Our Telco Cloud Platform provides a foundation on top of which enterprises can deliver edge services on any cloud with agility and a consistent experience. Be sure to check back here for updates from the team as we continue to work with Dell Technologies and SK Telecom to bring this solution to market in the future.

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