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US Broadband Summit

November 15 - 17 Washington, DC

Conquer the Digital Divide

Bringing together federal funding leaders and state representatives with the wider broadband industry, including fiber operators, MSO’s, WISP’s, wireless carriers and more, to discuss the future of broadband in the United States. As attention focuses on bridging the growing digital divide, and the need to bring connectivity to the under- and un-served, the industry must come together to address the challenge. There is no golden key to connect everyone, and the US Broadband Summit aims to bring everyone together to discuss how collaboration will lead to a more connected and vibrant society, in benefit of individuals and communities.

5G Americas is pleased to support this event:

Chris Pearson:

  • The Debate: Has and Will 5G have an Impact on the Digital Divide
  • November 16, 4:35 pm

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