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Understanding 5G: 5G in Transportation w/ Leonard Lee

5G Americas President Chris Pearson and Managing Founder & Director of neXt Curve, Leonard Lee have a great discussion around the role of 5G in the world of the automotive sector. With the opening of public spectrum for use by Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) in the United States, there is renewed focus by network equipment vendors, operators, and automotive manufacturers in developing new applications and services that utilize 5G’s powerful capabilities.

  • What is happening in the world of 5G, C-V2X and the transportation sector?
  • What kinds of interesting use cases, including apps or services for transportation are emerging?
  • What types of uses might be further up the “value chain” that 5G can unlock for network operators?
  • How is 5G going to impact non-land modes of transportation, including sea and air?
  • How might 5G impact fleet management, as well as inventory management for supply chain?
  • What spectrum may be necessary for 5G vehicles?
  • What is the impact of LiDAR or intensive video applications for autonomous vehicles?

C-V2X is revolutionizing the transportation sector

5G Americas' white paper "Vehicular Connectivity: C-V2X and 5G" explores the impacts of 5G-based cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies on vehicles, embedded infrastructure, and intelligent transportation networks.

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