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The Current and Future State of 5G With Chris Pearson of 5G Americas

RCRWireless News Podcast | August 1, 2023

5G is not merely a technology; it serves as the gateway to an unparalleled era of connectivity, efficiency, and innovation.

In this episode of 5G Talent Talk with Carrie Charles, we are joined by Chris Pearson, the President at 5G Americas. Chris highlights the world of 5G, the groundbreaking wireless network that is revolutionizing how we connect and communicate. 

From the incredible speed and capacity it offers to the vast potential for innovation, 5G has taken the telecommunications industry by storm. Chris shares the highs and lows of 5G adoption and the current state of the wireless industry.

Chris recognizes that the Mid Band Spectrum is the key to unlocking 5G’s full potential – the sweet spot that caters to our hunger for both capacity and coverage. As he further explores the promising horizon of 5G, Chris draws parallels to a thrilling baseball game – we may only be in the fourth inning, but there’s so much more excitement to come.

The 5G-powered smart cities of tomorrow are equipped to redefine urban living, making life more efficient and seamless than ever before. Join us as we unlock the vault of 5G’s potential in shaping our future.

Read the entire transcript of the interview here.

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