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T‑Mobile Launches 5G Advanced Network Solutions

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T‑Mobile 5G Advanced Network Solutions already helping businesses unlock troves of data, reducing latency by up to 50%, even in the most challenging conditions.

What’s the news: T-Mobile is launching 5G Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) with industry leaders like Dell, Ericsson and Nokia, to give enterprises the 5G performance needed to deliver breakthrough results and exciting new customer experiences. T-Mobile and SailGP are also showcasing 5G ANS in action in some of the most demanding conditions possible.

Why it matters: Enterprises are awash in data, and 5G can help turn that data into actionable, real-time insights that drive breakthrough results and unlock the power of new technologies like AI, robotics and AR/VR. Until now, advanced 5G solutions (private networks and mobile edge compute) have been complex, costly, rigid and over-hyped. Today, T-Mobile, America’s 5G leader, changes all that.

Who it’s for: Enterprises and government organizations of all shapes and sizes, looking to drive breakthrough results. 

BELLEVUE, Wash. — May 23, 2022 — Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) launched 5G Advanced Network Solutions (ANS), a suite of supercharged, managed network solutions that give enterprises more flexibility than ever. 5G ANS leverages T-Mobile’s industry-leading 5G network and spectrum to give customers the level of performance they need where they need it. The Un-carrier also announced collaborations with Dell TechnologiesEricsson and Nokia to deliver 5G ANS. And, customers like global racing league SailGP are already using 5G ANS to reduce latency by up to 50% compared to Wi-Fi and CBRS spectrum and to give coaches, athletes and fans real-time analytics from boats traveling at 60mph. SailGP joins other T-Mobile customers exploring and deploying 5G ANS in a wide range of industries and sectors, including aviation, entertainment, transportation, and more.

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In an era of digital transformation, CIOs and CTOs are looking to unlock value from massive amounts of data being generated both onsite and out in the world on mobile devices, field sensors and other remote sites. To do this, enterprises need 5G connectivity combined with edge computing so their data – no matter where it’s located – can be gathered and processed at superfast speeds. This combination enables enterprises to unleash smart video analytics, computer vision and inspection, immersive AR/VR experiences and more to solve real problems — like flagging a manufacturing defect before something breaks or delivering increasingly real-life AR and VR experiences for training or field service.

Until now, enterprise 5G solutions have been limited to one-size-fits-all costly, complex 5G Private Networks. But T-Mobile 5G ANS ends all that with a new level of flexibility with three 5G advanced network options, so enterprises can find the right solution for the right situation, saving money, time and delivering just-right performance with America’s 5G leader.

“With 5G ANS, we started where T-Mobile always starts: by listening to customers. They told us they need solutions that work TODAY but will also scale tomorrow as part of their digital transformation journey,” said Mike Sievert, CEO, T-Mobile. “With our 5G network, assets and technical leadership, T-Mobile is uniquely equipped to solve the widest array of enterprise challenges, with flexible options, and that’s why we are already seeing industry-leaders use 5G ANS across aviation, entertainment, transportation and more. This is how the 5G leader does 5G enterprise solutions.”

“Making technology driven decisions while flying above the water at highway speeds makes all the difference between winning and losing. It also gives fans an amazing viewing experience,” said Russell Coutts, CEO, SailGP. “With 5G Advanced Network Solutions powering our F50 fleet, we’ve entered a new era of racing. Knowing we have the world’s greatest technology partners enables us to push the boundaries of the sport and capture the attention of the next generation of race fans.” 

Enter 5G Advanced Network Solutions
5G ANS gives customers three options to get the low latency, high speeds, reliability and control they need to finally unlock their data’s potential: 5G connectivity with a Public Mobile Network, a Hybrid Mobile Network, and a Private Mobile Network. Customers have the option to add compute to each option or use their own compute provider. And each solution is fully managed by the experts who built America’s largest and fastest 5G network.

  • Customers who need more reliability and faster download speeds than legacy networks provide can use the T-Mobile Public Network for a wide variety of applications from smart meter applications to tracking optimization and more. T-Mobile’s public network is architected so that data travels less distance from the device to the compute resource and back. That’s a big reason T-Mobile 5G is faster with lower latency.
  • Customers who need even faster speeds, lower latency and/or dedicated reliability can use the Hybrid Mobile Network. This is ideal for things like immersive VR training, computer vision and inspections and other demanding applications, without the expense of a fully private solution.
  • Customers who need the highest speeds, reliability and ultra-low latency can use the Private Mobile Network. A private solution is needed for only the most demanding applications, like industrial automation in a factory or fully autonomous robots. 

Powered by America’s 5G Leader
T-Mobile has a rare combination of America’s leading 5G network, unrivaled 5G assets and industry-leading expertise. That trifecta puts the Un-carrier in a unique position to help enterprises get the performance they need in any environment, today. 

With dedicated 5G spectrum in low-band, mid-band and mmWave, and more sub-6 GHz spectrum holdings on average nationwide than VZ and ATT combined, T-Mobile is unmatched when it comes to giving customers flexible solutions. For instance, while mmWave can be great for fully private networks in one location, it’s not the best solution at a theme park (or even a regular park) where it’s unable to connect through rides or trees, which is where mid-band comes in. So unlike the Carriers, T-Mobile can offer enterprises solutions that are right for them.

In 2020, T-Mobile public 5G network became the world’s first nationwide standalone (SA) 5G network, delivering up to 40% improvements in latency during testing. So simply using T-Mobile’s 5G Public Network, enterprises can get industry-leading performance. Already, more than 20 independent reports show T-Mobile is number one in 5G speed and availability, proving that no one is better at building and managing 5G networks than T-Mobile. Now, enterprises can benefit from that expertise.

5G ANS in Action
In a sea of vague use cases, T-Mobile is delivering fresh air, clarity and actual results with 5G ANS, showcasing a recent event with SailGP, the purpose-led global championship featuring the world’s most exciting racing on-water. It’s the pinnacle of the sport, where superfast boats are also massive IoT devices capturing 240k data points per second! All of that data travels, via a T-Mobile 5G Hybrid Network solution, back to SailGP’s compute platform to be processed and then back to the remote race control center.

Seamlessly transferring 240k data points traveling at 60mph over the open water is the ultimate test of any network solution, and with the inaugural deployment of T-Mobile’s 5G Hybrid Mobile Network, SailGP finally found a solution that gave them the reliability and performance they needed. Not only did T-Mobile’s 5G Hybrid Mobile Network deliver superior reliability in the most extreme conditions, it provided up to 50% reduction in latency. This superfast data transfer helped coaches and athletes make better decisions while racing at highway-like speeds. It also brought fans closer to the action, giving them an unmatched viewing experience.

And that’s just the beginning. Together, T-Mobile and SailGP are developing new 5G applications to broadcast remote, live racing action across the globe — in stunning, ultra-HD. 5G ANS delivers the perfect low latency platform to deliver the next breakthrough for SailGP’s award-winning broadcasts. Get ready!

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Fastest based on median, overall combined 5G speeds according to analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data 5G download speeds for Q1 2022. See 5G device, coverage, & access details at Up to 50% reduction in latency compared to Wi-Fi and CBRS spectrum.

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