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Service Providers and CBRS: Where’s the Opportunity?

On Monday, May 18, 5G Americas President, Chris Pearson, led a conversation hosted by Fierce Wireless, with 5G industry leaders around the upcoming opportunities surrounding Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum. With the upcoming auction of CBRS spectrum slated for July 23, 2020, new business opportunities open up for network providers.  

For More Information: Fierce Wireless CBRS Week

Information from FierceWireless


Mid-band spectrum is like a treasure in the United States, where there isn’t enough of it and everybody wants it. That’s why the big wireless carriers, some cable companies, and even some smaller wireless players have all indicated that they’re interested in participating in the CBRS auctions in July. What are the parameters for the spectrum auctions? What might cable companies do with the spectrum in terms of their MVNO arrangements? How will the big and small wireless carriers use the spectrum? Will service providers join in the fray to build private wireless networks?


  • Keynote: FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly
  • Sponsored Keynote: Stephen Rayment, VP, Technology Solutions, Ericsson
  • Panelist: Michael Scardina, Director of Network Strategies and Technologies, Armstrong Group
  • Panelist: Claude Aike, Chief Executive Officer, WISPA
  • Panelist: Mark Poletti, Director of Wireless Technologies, CableLabs
  • Moderator: Joe Madden, Founder and Chief Analyst, Mobile Experts
  • Host: Chris Pearson, President, 5G Americas
  • Keynote Interview: Linda Hardesty, Editor-in-Chief, FierceWireless


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