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Samsung Electronics Partners With Princeton University To Pave the Way for 6G Innovation

Samsung Media Release | 14 Feb 2024


Samsung Research America (SRA), a leading research and development organization of Samsung Electronics, has partnered with Princeton University to shape the future of 6G wireless and networking systems.

SRA has become a founding member of Princeton University’s NextG Initiative Corporate Affiliates Program to lead 6G research and development.

In 2023, Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science established the NextG Initiative to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and increase the flow of innovation across a range of topics — including cloud and edge networks, intelligent sensing, and network resilience. Recently, the NextG Initiative launched a corporate affiliates program to champion for these technological advancements and encourage cooperation between academia, industry leaders and policymakers.

“The best academic research to help realize the promise of future wireless networks is informed by close interactions between faculty and industry technology leaders,” said Andrea Goldsmith, Dean of Princeton’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. “Our NextG program aims to foster those deep collaborations around wireless technology, as well as policy, that are required to drive meaningful innovation and global leadership in an era of rapid change.”

Samsung Research America will work closely with Princeton University to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world applications — alongside fellow corporate affiliates including Ericsson, Intel, MediaTek, Nokia Bell Labs, Qualcomm Technologies and Vodafone.

Dr. Charlie Zhang, Senior Vice President at Samsung Research America, expressed his support for studies in next-generation telecommunications. “The wireless industry has benefited significantly from fundamental research in the past few decades,” he said. “We encourage Princeton’s researchers to continue innovation and develop disruptive technologies that could bring major breakthroughs in 6G.”

In May 2019, Samsung established the Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC) under Samsung Research to spearhead the development of next-generation communication technology.

By publishing the 6G white paper in July 2020 and the 6G spectrum white paper in May 2022, ACRC has positioned itself as a market leader in driving the 6G landscape. Samsung Research is playing a crucial role in the global standardization of 6G technology as the company chairs both the 6G Framework Group of the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) and the Spectrum Group of the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA).

To further demonstrate its leadership in 6G communication research and development, Samsung hosted the inaugural Samsung 6G Forum in May 2022. The collaboration between Samsung’s industry leadership and Princeton’s academic prowess sets the stage for the NextG Initiative to become a monumental force in shaping the future of 6G.

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