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Realizing the Promise of 5G with Densification (Webinar)

On March 10, Chris Pearson, President, 5G Americas participated in 5G Digital Series hosted by Informa. The topic was Realizing the Promise of 5G with Densification. His fellow speakers on this insightful webinar were Dr. Derek Peterson, CTO, Boingo Wireless and Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst, Cloud & Security, Heavy Reading.

Network costs are expected to double with 5G and North American operators are expected to start running out of capacity in at least 50% of sites starting 2020. Depending on the area (urban or rural), carriers will be able to meet the increased traffic needs by densifying their networks with macro-sites or small-cells. And while urban environments will bring the increased revenues, there is pressure on from a federal level to equally cater for rural connectivity needs. 

Even though technology is largely there, the market is still in lacking commercial examples of building, launching and monetising a densified commercial network. 

This webinar will explore North American commercial experiences of densifying a network and applications of cutting edge technologies that will accelerate this process and bring valuable ROI. 

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • The concept of mMIMO and applications 
  • How are 5G antennas integrating with 5G Radio? 
  • How does beamforming improve network performance? 
  • What network topology needs to be put in place to make mmWave work? 
  • Cell site design and standardisation 
  • Network slicing to support 5G applications 
  • Infrastructure and network sharing to improve capacity while cutting costs 
  • How can neutral hosts take the pressure off densification; reviewing successful commercial models. 
  • Dealing with the public health concerns: Does 5G electromagnetic radiation pose health hazards?  


Back for it’s third year, the 2020 Digital Series will take you beyond the hype to debunk myths and define the next steps for 5G realisation.

The 5G Digital Series brings together inspirational leaders from the telecoms, vertical industries, technology providers, regulators, government and research communities to debate burning industry questions; from building, launching and managing robust next-gen networks to the new products and services they enable. Created for business leaders and innovators from the entire 5G ecosystem, register for the 2020 series now to uncover the answers to your business-critical questions. Read on to discover more, including sponsorship opportunities to meet your business objectives!

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