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Qualcomm Announces World’s First 10 Gigabit 5G M.2 Reference Design to Accelerate 5G Adoption in New Segments

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May 19, 2021

Plug-and-Play 5G Cards Based on the New Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G M.2 Reference Designs to Accelerate 5G Adoption Across Product Categories Including PCs, Tablets, XR and Routers/CPEs

What’s New: Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., today announced the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X65 and X62 5G M.2 Reference Designs for accelerating 5G adoption across industry segments, including PCs, Always-Connected PCs (ACPCs), laptops, Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs), XR, gaming and other mobile broadband (MBB) devices.

The new reference designs are powered by the world’s most advanced and first 3GPP Release 16 5G modem-RF solutions – Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G Modem-RF Systems – supporting unmatched spectrum aggregation, global 5G sub-6 and extended-range mmWave, and high power-efficiency. Built on the world’s first 10 Gigabit 5G solution, the Snapdragon X65 5G M.2 Reference Design brings state-of-the-art 5G capabilities to OEMs across mobile broadband product categories. These reference designs for a plug-and-play M.2 form factor allow OEMs to reduce time to launch for high-performance 5G-enabled products.

“We’ve seen a dramatic growth in data consumption as a result of remote work and higher mobility. To help meet this data demand and create exciting new products and experiences, our new 5G M.2 Reference Designs tackle many 5G design complexities upfront so that OEMs don’t have to,” said Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager, 4G/5G, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Qualcomm Technologies is committed to leading the acceleration and expansion of 5G beyond smartphones. We’ve built world-class engineering and customer service teams dedicated to 5G mobile broadband to equip customers with advanced reference designs. We are empowering the ecosystem to bring next generation Release 16 5G products as early as late 2021 and helping create new business opportunities across computing, CPEs, XR, gaming, industrial IoT and beyond.”

 “As the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile broadband products, Compal has a long-term commitment to bring cutting-edge features to end devices,” said Yiyun Chang, R&D vice president, Compal Electronics. “We’re excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies from Snapdragon X55 towards Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G M.2 and LGA reference designs. Together, we can meet the soaring demand for larger data consumption in CPEs.”

“Fibocom will offer innovative products and advanced 5G capabilities based on the new Snapdragon X65 5G M.2 Reference Design, providing PC, CPE and other product categories with one-stop wireless communication solutions,” said Ying Lingpeng, chief executive officer, Fibocom. “Our profound experience in IoT combines with Qualcomm Technologies’ leading wireless solutions to accelerate the adoption of 5G in more vertical segments and bring 5G benefits to more consumers.”

“We’re committed to develop module design with advanced capabilities for global leading PC OEMs,” said Pierre-Marie Lamour, chief procurement officer, Foxconn Industrial Internet. “Our continued collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies on M.2 reference design combines our well-established PC expertise with the latest connected and computing technologies from Qualcomm Technologies to accelerate the 5G adoption among PC devices.”

“The new plug-and-play 5G cards based on Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G M.2 Reference Designs will help accelerate 5G adoption in more device categories,” said Benjamin Du, chief executive officer, MeiG Smart. “MeiG is excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies to bring the new generation of 5G smart devices, IoT products and solutions to our customers.”

“Qualcomm Technologies’ first 10 Gigabit 5G M.2 reference design is expected to contribute significantly to the success of Partron’s 5G module business by shortening the development time for 10 Gigabit 5G M.2 module.” said Jong-Koo Kim, chief execute officer, Partron. “I’m quite sure that Partron could contribute to 5G service expansion by launching 10 Gigabit 5G M.2 module by adopting Qualcomm Technologies’ reference design for various devices including MiFi, CPE, XR, etc.”

“We’re excited to continue working with Qualcomm Technologies to develop competitive 5G IoT modules and solutions and continue to stay ahead in the evolution of technology,” said Patrick Qian, chief executive officer, Quectel. “With the new Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G M.2 Reference Designs, Quectel will ramp up to deliver the most advanced 5G connectivity performance to customers in fields of PC, CPE, XR, gaming devices and industrial IoT, enabling rapid 5G expansion into broader device categories.”

“Sierra Wireless is pleased to extend our long and successful relationship with Qualcomm Technologies with the Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G Modem-RF Systems which bring leading-edge 5G performance to enable the next generation of devices,” said Larry Zibrik, vice president, 5G and mobile broadband, Sierra Wireless. “Our customers have come to depend on the high reliability, efficiency and speeds of Qualcomm Technologies based Sierra Wireless broadband modules for their secure network applications. A trusted partner, Sierra Wireless delivers certified module platforms that enable a fast time to market and mission critical use cases.”

“Sunsea is committed to becoming a leading global AIoT enterprise with connectivity as our core focus,” said, Yang Tao, chief executive officer, Sunsea. “We’re excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies in fields of 5G IoT and more, and quickly launch IoT solutions based on Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced 5G solutions, which will help support our customers’ expansion in PC, CPE and various innovative 5G business, and further expand the 5G industry ecosystem.” 

“Qualcomm Technologies has achieved another significant milestone with its introduction of the world’s first 3GPP Release 16 5G modem-RF solutions, a step that will accelerate deployment of new devices on 5G sub-6 and extended-range mmWave networks,” said Manish Watwani, chief marketing and product officer, Telit. “As a longstanding collaborator of Qualcomm Technologies, Telit looks forward to collaborating on next-generation 5G solutions that provide customers with fully-integrated systems that enable them to easily and quickly deploy new 5G devices on the upcoming Rel 16 networks.”

Chang Hyun-kuk, chief executive officer, WooriNet said, “WooriNet specializes in IoT devices for LTE/PS-LTE, and we have many expectations to releasing 5G NR modules as we have secured Qualcomm Technologies’ latest Release 16-based 5G modem-RF solutions and software technologies.” Chang added that the company looks forward to expanding the 5G eco-service by providing wired and wireless integrated solutions such as smart factory, IoT CPE, high-speed wireless backhaul, and B2B network backup solutions based on up to 10Gbps eMBB service and uRLLC service leveraging Qualcomm Technologies’ M.2 reference design.

Why It’s Important:
Now more than ever, consumers demand more and expect more from their devices. The new reference designs, powered by the world’s most advanced 5G modem-RF solutions – Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G Modem-RF Systems – bring cutting edge global 5G capabilities in an easy-to-use form factor and interface. This allows OEMs across multiple verticals to fast-track sub-6 and mmWave 5G-enabled devices in additional segments such as PCs, ACPCs, laptops, CPEs, XR, and gaming devices.

The Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G M.2 Reference Designsare currently available to our customers. With M.2 5G cards based on these new reference designs, consumers can add and enjoy the 5G connected experience in a wide range of connected products.

About Qualcomm
Qualcomm is the world’s leading wireless technology innovator and the driving force behind the development, launch, and expansion of 5G.  When we connected the phone to the internet, the mobile revolution was born. Today, our foundational technologies enable the mobile ecosystem and are found in every 3G, 4G and 5G smartphone. We bring the benefits of mobile to new industries, including automotive, the internet of things, and computing, and are leading the way to a world where everything and everyone can communicate and interact seamlessly.

Qualcomm Incorporated includes our licensing business, QTL, and the vast majority of our patent portfolio. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, operates, along with its subsidiaries, substantially all of our engineering, research and development functions, and substantially all of our products and services businesses, including our QCT semiconductor business.

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