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New Services & Applications with 5G Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications

New services and applications requiring lower latency, better reliability, massive connection density and improved energy efficiency are emerging in an unprecedented fashion. A variety of advanced features make 5G uniquely well positioned to meet all of these requirements and capitalize on these market opportunities. A prime example is Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC), a set of features designed to support mission-critical applications such as industrial internet, smart grids, remote surgery and intelligent transportation systems. With 4G LTE, latency is currently in the 4-millisecond range under 3GPP Release 14. URLLC is part of Release 15 and has a target of 1-millisecond. URLLC also is ideal for applications that require end-to-end security and 99.999 percent reliability, and it’s almost deterministic in time bounds on packet delivery. This combination of capabilities requires almost a fundamentally different approach to system design and operations compared to previous mobile wireless technologies.

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