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New Ericsson Private 5G Release Takes a Leap Forward With New Hardware and Software Enhancements Enabling Industry 4.0

Ericsson Media Release | April 17, 2023

  • Latest updates to Ericsson Private 5G includes enhanced visibility, management, security, and coverage
  • Enhancements address the challenges hindering digitalization efforts within the industrial industry to support emerging business-critical applications
  • Ericsson’s private network portfolio underscores its leadership position in helping the enterprise of all sizes and verticals drive digital transformation for Industry 4.0
New Ericsson Private 5G Release Takes a Leap Forward With New Hardware and Software Enhancements Enabling Industry 4.0

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) announced significant feature updates to its premier private network solution , Ericsson Private 5G. Designed for industrial enterprise environments  including  manufacturing, new enhancements will bolster Ericsson Private 5G capabilities, including improved visibility and management, as well as increased coverage of over 1,000,000 m2 with click to deploy functionality.

The benefits of private networks are recognized in the manufacturing space, as the foundation of Industry 4.0  which requires reliable secure connectivity. As manufacturers continue to accellerate digitalization, there is a growing need to add next level automation, agility and safety into business-critical operations. As such, manufacturers need a digitalization platform such as Ericsson Private 5G, that provides reliable connectivity, predictable latency, high capacity bandwidth all wrapped into one secure network.

Gustavo Moura, Manager, Digital Transformation for Operations Program, Nestlé Brazil, says: “5G private networks provide a new reality for the industry. For us, the benefits include changing and simplifying the factory’s physical environment and the ability to connect a large number of devices to the same network. Being the first to implement this solution in Latin America is an exciting growth opportunity.”

Built for the industrial space and ideal for manufacturing, and other environments such as ports, mining, power utilities, airports and energy Ericsson Private 5G, in collaboration with the Industry 4.0 partner ecosystem, is enabling innovative industrial applications, bringing new levels of efficiencies to industries introducing cost savings to further accelerate the modernization and digitalization of industries.

Key enhancements to Ericsson Private 5G include:

  • Improved Visibility: Enhanced visibility of the network and improvements in SLA monitoring combined with click-to-deploy functionality will simplify the experience for industrial businesses while enabling them to deploy the 4G or 5G network that fits their needs.
  • Increased Coverage: Enabling coverage in large complex and distributed environments, Ericsson Private 5G bolstered coverage offerings include multi-location deployment visibility, high availability enabled through redundancy for business-critical applications.
  • Advanced Management: Upgrades to management include watchdog support to provide incremental visibility to monitor and troubleshoot networks, as well as critical cloud management offering flexible deployment and full lifecycle management options.

Thomas Noren, VP, Head of Dedicated Networks says: “Ericsson Private 5G turns connectivity to productivity. It provides organizations with the ability to boost automation and agility, and augment the workforce with productivity enhancing technology. All while OT is in control of a reliable and secure network that fits into the existing process control and management systems. Working with a variety of device and cloud providers, developers, system integrators and more, we have bridged the gap between devices and applications with Ericsson Private 5G in a mission to unlock the full value of 5G and Industry 4.0.”

These upgrades to Ericsson Private 5G will become available globally in May 2023. For more information, please visit Ericsson and it’s Industry 4.0 ecosystem of partners at Hannover Messe, Hall 14, Stand H38 or Ericsson Private Networks.

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