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Mobile Communications Beyond 2020 – The Evolution of 5G Towards Next G

Mobile Communications Beyond 2020 – The Evolution of 5G Towards Next G details global work from several academic and industry organizations and presents potential use cases and technologies integral to the evolution of 5G towards the “Next G”.

While 5G is still early in its lifecycle, it continues to be enhanced through continuous updates via Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) releases. These enhancements to networks, architecture, technologies, and standards will continue through 3GPP Release 17 and beyond. However, it is expected over the next few years, that requirements for the next generation of mobile wireless will be outlined in the upcoming International Mobile Telecommunications 2030 (IMT-2030) update from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Early thought leadership around next generation wireless use cases may include scenarios involving tactile or haptic communications, high resolution terahertz spectrum use for imaging and sensing, cyber-physical systems in manufacturing, and enhanced public safety and national security applications.

This 5G Americas white paper covers the three main topics:

• A review of activities looking beyond 5G in both North America and globally
• How communications will change beyond the 2020s, including several use cases
• How North America can establish and maintain technological leadership in future communications standards

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