Experience Membership with 5G Americas

The 5G Americas Board of Governors is a diverse stakeholder mix of leading wireless carriers, network equipment providers, device manufacturers and other key providers for the 5G wireless ecosystem.

The Board of Governors collaborates to progress the mobile wireless industry in the Americas region by identifying and overcoming the challenges for 5G in the region. The Board works together on technical and regulatory policy recommendations to advance the entire 5G wireless ecosystem.  Additionally, 5G Americas has an extensive educational and information outreach to wireless industry media and analysts.

5G Americas has an open application process for potential new board member companies.  If your company is interested in being a part of the leading 5G association and “Voice of 5G” in North, Central and South America please contact us for further information.

Chris Pearson
5G Americas

New Member Benefits

  • Representation of member’s agenda on international technical and standardization bodies (ITU-R, CITEL)
  • Advocacy for the Board of Governor’s interests before national governments and regulatory agencies
  • Regular updates on regulatory and policy processes across countries: public consultations, spectrum policy, regulatory changes
  • Suggestions of topics of white papers that are of your interest. Unified support & advocacy for policies and best practices for the 3GPP family of technologies and the evolution of LTE to 5G
  • Collaborative relationships with industry stakeholders and organizations to develop educative and informational resources & events aimed to analysts, media and governments
  • Promotion of 3GPP family of technologies as an opportunity to transform industry and societies across the Americas with new use cases
  • Regular communications with media and analysts on behalf of the Board of Governors

Areas of Contribution

Technical Facilitation and Coordination


Educational Outreach

Technical Facilitation and Coordination

  • Representation to other wireless bodies on keyboard agreed issues and opportunities
  • Provide technical recommendations on 5G and 5G Enabling Technologies
  • Provide public technical viewpoints for consideration for enhancing the wireless ecosystem (5G, IoT, NFV, LAA, V2X, Artificial Intelligence, MEC, Network Slicing, etc.)
  • Create mobile broadband position papers for publication and dissemination to operators, vendors, regulators and the wireless industry stakeholders in the Americas
  • Facilitate technical cooperation and education in the industry

Regulatory Policy

  • Monitor/file comments at regulatory proceedings to promote official 5G Americas positions on 5G, LTE and other pertinent wireless issues in North, Central and South America
  • Advocate key areas of interest for 5G Americas with governments throughout the Americas (Spectrum, 5G, Cell Siting, Security, Unlicensed Spectrum, Infrastructure development, etc.)
  • Facilitate Spectrum coordination for the Americas region in meetings with regulators throughout the western hemisphere (Low-mid-high band spectrum, licensed-shared and unlicensed spectrum)
  • Represent 5G Americas interests in 5G and LTE technology interests at 3GPP, CITEL & ITU
  • Collaborate with other leading 5G industry bodies on critical industry issues
  • Represent 5G Americas as an Market Representation Partner at 3GPP
  • Collaborate with other leading 5G industry bodies on critical industry issues

Educational Outreach

5G Americas provides a broad array of educational materials to educate stakeholders, influencers and the general public on key issues surrounding 5G and LTE technologies. We provide technical and non-technical white papers, network deployment charts and statistics, as well as outreach to industry media, analysts, and government leaders at key events and interviews.

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