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Latin American regulators highlight the need to develop wireless broadband infrastructure in the region

Representatives of regulatory, government, and other entities in Latin America stressed the need to invest in the development of wireless broadband networks and promote public policies to reduce access costs for the population and promote competitiveness, employment, and economic growth for the region during the Virtual Regulation Forum 2021.

BUENOS AIRES, January 27, 2021.- The next two to three years will be vital to promoting the fifth generation (5G) of mobile technologies in Latin America, according to industry experts at the 3rd Virtual Regulation Forum 2021 organized by 5G Americas and Experts agree that this new technology will transform various sectors of the economy by integrating advances such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and blockchain.

5G has already started its journey in Latin America, but its development will not be without challenges. “5G is a paradigm shift. It is the platform for digital transformation that will make all sectors of the economy more efficient. In Latin America, we have had 5G in Uruguay a month after its launch in the United States and South Korea. However, this does not mean that we will have a rapid adoption, due to the lack of availability of devices and economies of scale”, warned José Otero, Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean of 5G Americas, during the opening of the event.

“It is also important to see how much radio spectrum has been allocated in the region for 5G. If we want 5G, we need to increase the amount of spectrum assigned in low, medium, and high bands, “said Otero, who also pointed out that” in Latin America, we already have eleven 5G networks in seven countries in the region. “

Here are some quotes from the event’s keynote speakers:

Pamela Gidi, Undersecretary of Telecommunications (Chile):

“We have 15 projects in our telecommunications matrix for these four years. Nine of them are for closing the digital divide, but there is also an important portion for infrastructure development”.

“To transform Chile into a digital hub, we have three pillars: improve international connectivity; structuring our country with a national digital highway; and the deployment of 5G, which we have been working on for two years”.

Iván Mantilla, Vice Minister of Connectivity, ICT Ministry (Colombia):

“Sustainable economic growth for Latin America involves increasing its productivity using better technological tools and a more skilled workforce.”

Julissa Cruz, Managing Director, INDOTEL (Dominican Republic):

“We expect that the benefits of 5G – which will represent better coverage, lower latency, higher speeds, and lower energy consumption, among other benefits – can begin to be perceived by users by 2022.”

Lidia Fromm, Executive Director, Mesoamerica Project:

“It is a strategic objective for the Mesoamerican environment to increase digital connectivity in Mesoamerica, through two ways: creating infrastructure and promoting public policies aimed at reducing the final costs of broadband Internet, ensuring greater access for citizens.”

Mario Fromow, Commissioner, IFT (Mexico)

“By 2025, adoption in Latin America will be 65 percent for 4G and 8 percent for the 5G ecosystem. We have a fundamental challenge, and the only way to achieve it is to invest in these technologies. In Mexico, we have identified a total of 11,190 MHz of radio spectrum for the possible use of 5G”.

Fabián Hernández, CEO, Movistar Colombia:

“We have to work on generating inclusive digitization. If there is no full coverage, we cannot talk about inclusion. That is why it is necessary to accelerate connectivity, generating sustainable investment models and that can generate an impact on public and private work to generate these investment elements”.

Agostinho Linares, Spectrum Manager, ANATEL (Brazil)

“We expect the first 3.5GHz 5G networks to be launched later this year. We believe that the networks will help the country out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. We are also setting specific goals for the development of 5G for the different years. The goal for 2021 is for the technology to reach the capitals The 3rd Virtual Regulation Forum 2021, organized by 5G Americas and, is available on-demand here:

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