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CTIA Releases Report on The Case for Global Spectrum Harmonization

    On February 7, 2024 CTIA released a report from Accenture that made the case for global spectrum harmonization. The report indicated that internationally harmonizing mid-band spectrum for 5G will add up to $200 billion to America’s economy over the next 10 years, while a lack of harmonized spectrum will undermine US competitiveness globally. 

    5G Americas believes developing a comprehensive roadmap for new commercially available spectrum is necessary to ensure the successful deployment of future mobile networks. Balancing both licensed and unlicensed spectrum is vital for the mobile industry. The upper mid-band spectrum, ranging from 7.125-15.35 GHz, is key to leveraging existing infrastructure for increased capacity. 5G Americas emphasizes identifying new spectrum integral to a U.S. National Spectrum Strategy pipeline, ensuring rapid commercialization, and sustained technological leadership. 

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