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CommScope Brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to RUCKUS Analytics

Commscope Press Release| April 21, 2020

CommScope today announced RUCKUS Analytics, a new cloud service that delivers network intelligence and simplifies service assurance, enabling organizations with complex networks to proactively improve their users’ experience. Built on a patented machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) foundation, the new service accelerates troubleshooting, provides comprehensive network visibility, automatically identifies service-affecting issues, and—unique to the networking industry—classifies them according to severity, enabling managed service provider and enterprise IT teams to address the most urgent incidents first.

“The benefits of applying advanced analytics to the avalanche of network-based data in complex enterprise networks are multifold,” said Brandon Butler, IDC Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Networks. “When processed properly, insights from network analytics platforms allow organizations to gain unprecedented levels of visibility into what is happening in their networks at any time, both across the entire network and down to individual components. Equally importantly, network analytics power IT organizations to be more proactive, reducing helpdesk costs, improving operational efficiency and better securing enterprise environments. The RUCKUS Analytics service provides deep levels of insight and accompanying service assurance for enterprise network environments.”

CommScope’s RUCKUS Analytics integrates directly with RUCKUS on-premises, private cloud and public cloud control and management architectures and requires no on-site data collector. RUCKUS Analytics features:

  • ML and AI – The Incident Analytics module within RUCKUS Analytics gives IT the tools to react quickly to issues and stop network anomalies from rising to the service-affecting level.
  • Client troubleshooting – The Client Troubleshooting module gives the IT team a bird’s-eye view of the life of a client connection down to the specific point of failure, so they can quickly and confidently respond to user-reported network issues.
  • Network intelligence – The Network Health Monitoring module lets IT teams both measure performance against the service level agreements (SLAs) that best reflect the requirements of their users.
  • Network-wide visibility – An intuitive top-level dashboard provides IT with an omniscient view of network operations across every site.
  • Data visualization – The Data Explorer module is an industry-unique tool gives IT the ability to create custom dashboards with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Planning and reporting – The Report module puts twelve months of historical data in the cloud and gives IT teams the ability to capture data from the network element and even the device level, thereby establishing trends that can guide network-related decisions.

“We’ve built a loyal customer base by delivering measurably better user experiences and by simplifying life for IT departments. CommScope is amplifying that commitment by enabling users to proactively minimize the downtime that’s inevitable in complex networks and giving them the tools to pinpoint and resolve those incidents that do arise,” said Pramod Badjate, senior vice president and general manager for CommScope’s RUCKUS portfolio. “But as powerful as RUCKUS Analytics is now, it’s just the start. With it, organizations are not just optimizing IT resource utilization, they’re joining us on the path to an autonomous, self-healing network.”

RUCKUS Analytics subscriptions for APs and switches managed by SmartZone network controllers or RUCKUS Cloud are available now. Access points and switches are sold separately. To learn more, contact a RUCKUS networking solution provider. Existing CommScope managed service provider (MSP) partners can learn more by contacting their CommScope account manager.

CommScope Customers are saying:

Mandarin Oriental

“In the luxury hotel business, a great Wi-Fi user experience is a key component of guest satisfaction. We get high marks for our network quality, however, when we started using RUCKUS Analytics at one of our flagship hotels, we immediately discovered new, potentially service-affecting issues that made us rethink some of our design assumptions,” said Javier Garcia, director of global infrastructure, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. “Once we made network adjustments, we were able to instantly observe the impact of those changes, right from our desks. Before, we would have been walking the hallways, then going back to make adjustments, then walking the hallways again. Our productivity has skyrocketed.”


“As a pure-play Wi-Fi-as-a-service provider, our success depends on meeting customer SLAs and efficiently managing to those SLAs. That means quickly addressing issues that arise in a network. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause,” said Emeric de Bernis, engineering manager at Wifirst. “We were facing just such a scenario and had dedicated six person-weeks to solving this issue, to no avail. Within minutes of turning on RUCKUS Analytics, we were able to see that the Wi-Fi network was not the issue; we quickly identified a specific hardware element that was the source of the problem. This new tool makes our support operations dramatically more efficient.”

ASM-OKC – Chesapeake Energy Arena/Cox Convention Center

“We run a network of 420+ access points and thousands of simultaneous users across two venues— a 100,000 square foot convention center and a 18,500-seat NBA arena. Ruckus Analytics has significantly improved our ability to monitor and maintain exceptional Wi-Fi service quality during events at both venues” said Chris Nelson, manager, information technology at ASM OKC – Chesapeake Energy Arena/Cox Convention Center. “The ability to customize our own dashboard and reporting has been invaluable for insight into network behavior. The troubleshooting capability lets us drill down to the client level, enabling us to quickly resolve service-affecting issues.”


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