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Senior Vice President, Network Technology Development & Strategy

Karri Kuoppamaki

Karri Kuoppamaki is the Senior Vice President, Network Technology Development and Strategy for T-Mobile USA. Karri manages T-Mobile’s long-term network technology strategy and roadmap, including spearheading the development and evolution of the next-generation wireless network and device platform related technologies. With a focus on technology development and innovation especially related to Radio Access Network, Karri is responsible for identifying worldwide trends in telecommunications and applying them to T-Mobile’s network plan. Karri and his team have been instrumental in driving T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G strategy.

Karri additionally oversees the company’s new radio spectrum development and associated support for regulatory bodies in the U.S. His team is also responsible for driving T-Mobile’s technology and development goals with the global standardization and other industry forums.  Karri is a frequent speaker at industry events in the areas of innovation and network technology. 

Karri has more than 25 years of international experience in product marketing, product development, and technology management in the wireless industry, and has worked in multiple countries in Europe, Africa and the USA. He has a proven track record in introducing, defining, and developing new technologies for the telecommunications market.

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