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Vice President, Latin America & Caribbean

Jose Otero

José F. Otero is Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean of 5G Americas. Mr. Otero has collaborated on more than 100 research projects and has authored numerous studies on the regional telecommunications industry. His experience includes working on projects related to social development, convergence, adoption of new technologies and launch of new operations.

His work experience includes research on public policy issues and / or wireless technologies for institutions such as Casa Blanca, the Senate of the Republic of Mexico, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Investment Corporation.

Mr. Otero has studied at various academic institutions including Boston University (USA), University of Leicester (England), University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Georgetown University (USA) and Cambridge University (England).

A native of Puerto Rico, Mr. Otero can communicate in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In the past, he has lived and worked in numerous countries in the region including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay, as well as the United States.

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