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Senior Vice President, Wireless and Access Technology

Igal Elbaz

Chairman of the 5G Americas Board of Governors

Igal Elbaz is senior vice president of Wireless Technology and Experience Delivery. His organization combines the wireless and access architecture and technology with the mobility and digital delivery teams to enable new engagement models and experiences. Igal oversees the technology and information technology roadmap, design and experience delivery for AT&T’s mobility and converged access network as well as driving industry standards. His team also designs and engineers the mobile core and services in addition to supporting our devise specification, testing and implementation program. Igal’s Foundry team is responsible for quickly incubating new ideas to market. Prior to his role, Igal led Wireless Technology organization within AT&T.

Mr. Elbaz has served on the 5G Americas Board of Governors since 2019 and was elected as Chairperson of the Board for the association for 2020.

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