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Deputy General Manager in Technological Development (CTIO)

Humberto Roca

Humberto Roca obtained his Industrial Engineer degree, Electronic option, at the School of Engineering, Universidad de la República in 1981. He obtained a post graduate degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Humberto has been working in Antel since 1981. At first he worked in the Works Control Area, then he was Technical Projects Manager, subsequently he held office as Antel’s  CTO, and at present he is the Deputy General Manager in Technological Development (CTIO).

  • Humberto is leader of electromechanic Switches digitalization, fiber optic transport network.
  • He is in charge of conducting Antel’s telecommunication projects relative to fiber optic, analogic and digital transmission, digital Switches, international links.
  • He is in charge of planning, conducting and  monitoring Antel’s works relative to fixed networks (digital telephony and data), transport networks (fiber optic, SDH networks, digital links, aggregation ), submarine cables, data networks (DSLAM and FTTH), mobile networks (2G, 3G and 4G)
  • He is in charge of developing new added-value services, IPTV, business data networks, mobile networks control and maintenance, developing of new services over fixed and mobile networks.
  • He is in charge of Technical Development Division (CTO) and Information Technologies Division (CIO)

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