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Corporate Vice President and 5G Executive Sponsor,, Intel Corporation General Manager, Next Generation and Standards

Asha Keddy

Asha R. Keddy is Corporate Vice President and 5G Executive Sponsor, where she also serves as the General Manager of Next Generation and Standards (NGS) Group.  A recognized industry leader, Keddy’s passion is in understanding how advancements in technology can improve the lives of people, and the environment in which we live—creating a safer, healthier, smarter society for all.

Keddy’s organization enables new business verticals and applications – participating in industry consortia; contributing to global standards; developing and testing prototypes in trials, and driving product innovation.  Her team facilitates trials with other ecosystem partners, key learnings which have been influential in setting government and industry policy, and in furthering the convergence of communications and computing with end-to-end technology solutions.

This work will open up new market opportunities in multiple verticals, including games, sports, connected cars, and smart cities, while bringing forward the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence, visual data, mixed reality and connectivity-based technologies to address residential, enterprise and industrial business needs. Keddy’s vision of innovation is based on iterative development, insights about people, and a commitment to partnerships with industry and governments alike.

Keddy leads 5G partner strategy and development efforts for Intel. This multi-year investment, her team’s work, and dozens of trials with industry-leading manufacturing, operator, and vertical partners have resulted in several world “firsts.” These accomplishments will accelerate 5G commercial deployment across industrial, automotive, fixed wireless and enterprise use cases in all major geographies. The learnings and Intellectual Property (IP) from these engagements will also serve to evolve the development of system architectures and incubation of technologies and IP for wireless at Intel. 

Keddy’s organization also focuses on wireless, industrial and edge standards, accelerating product adoption through standards and consortia technology, architecture and policy leadership. As a result of Keddy’s influence, Intel has leading positions within organizations such as the 3GPP, 5G Americas, IEEE, WiFi Alliance and ETSI, and as part of the IMT 2020 promotion group, the major platform to promote research of 5G in China. 

Keddy has industry depth and experience speaking externally as a leading executive 5G spokesperson (Washington Post, Financial Times, CNET, Fierce Wireless, Portland Business Journal and Reuters are just a few examples) and has been invited to speak with current and future leaders at the Harvard Business School, IEEE Globecom, Mobile World Congress, Taipei 5G Summit, and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). 

She lives in the Portland, Oregon, and in her personal time enjoys reading, painting, hiking, biking and kayaking with her husband and dog. 

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