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Senior Vice President 5G Technology and Marketing

Abel Mayal

Senior Vice President 5G Technology and Marketing

Abel has been at the spearhead of cellular technology and innovation for over 20 years. His initial career started working for major traditional vendors as a technical lead for 3G and 4G around the world. Five years ago, he took a quantum leap in his career, working at executive level for vRAN vendors and pushing for this new technology.

He is currently SVP 5G Technology & Marketing at Airspan, working closely with the sales team to capture the innovation required from customers to implement it within Airspan product portfolio. He is also lead of the Marketing team, conveying Airspan’s disruptive technology and pushing O_RAN architecture.

Abel holds a MsC in Communication Systems Engineering from University of Kent, UK and a Telecommunication University Degree from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and Friedrich-Alexander University at Erlangen-Germany.

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