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AT&T Announces AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile

AT&T Media Release | 26 March, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • AT&T will be the first mobile operator to integrate its secure and reliable 5G service with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile using Azure Communications Gateway platform for businesses looking to integrate mobility into Unified Communications.
  • This secure, mobile-first, AI-driven platform is designed for an era where up to 30% of U.S. work time could be automated with generative AI by 2030.1
  • AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile will launch in Controlled Introduction early Summer 2024 with General Availability by Q3 2024.

What’s the News?

AT&T is announcing AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile. This innovative solution enhances unified communication, offering a secure, mobile-first, AI-driven experience tailored for today’s evolving workforce. 

This solution seamlessly integrates an AT&T business mobile number with Microsoft Teams Phone, creating a single, flexible business identity for mobile, desk and Teams, so users can work flexibly and securely from any location or device. 

AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile is scheduled for Controlled Introduction in early Summer 2024 and projected for General Availability by Q3 2024.  AT&T customers can immediately engage in planning workshops with AT&T Consulting to facilitate their transition to cloud and mobile communication applications. 

And the best part – it’s available to AT&T business wireless subscribers at no additional AT&T charge.2

Why is this Important?

As the workforce navigates an increasingly digital landscape, the need for flexibility and mobility with communication tools is more pressing than ever.  Yet, siloed phone systems, high costs, and complex vendor management can cause issues. 

Surveys show that 98% of employees desire the flexibility of remote work, with 57% stating that smartphones are essential to their jobs.3 In response to this challenge, 70% of businesses will implement or assess Mobile Unified Communications (FMC) in 20244. This is where AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile comes in – a modern mobile-first unified communication solution built for the age of 5G and AI.

Why AT&T?

AT&T will be the first mobile operator to integrate its 5G network with Teams Phone Mobile using Azure Communications Gateway to benefit from interoperability, reliability, scalability and security of Azure’s cloud infrastructure.

It delivers robust service quality over 5G, streamlines user experience, and ensures more secure calls with dedicated connectivity. Its standout feature is AI-boosted collaboration, which can provide real-time summarization and insights on both mobile and fixed-line calls, thanks to Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.  Copilot manages the busy work like capturing key points, task owners, and next steps during calls allowing the user to stay fully focused on the discussion. 

Key benefits and features of AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile include:

  • Unified Business Identity:One wireless business number and caller-ID across all devices and Teams endpoints.
  • Seamless User Experience: Easy, secure call handling across devices and networks, with options to switch devices mid-call or transition to a Teams call.
  • Crystal-Clear Audio: AT&T 5G provides low latency, high-capacity network for excellent HD voice.
  • AI-Driven Communication: Leverages AI for smarter, future-ready communication, preparing for a future of increased automation.
  • Consistent Application Performance:Prioritizes mission critical and Teams application data for eligible customers to ensure a consistent overall experience.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Extends security and compliance recording solution options to every call, to help ensure secure communications and better compliance.
  • Cost Efficiency: Consolidates devices and administrative tools for streamlined business communication management.
  • Simplified Operations: Prioritizes customer onboarding and ease of use; AT&T Cloud Voice promotes remote work flexibility.
  • End-to-End Security: Dedicated connectivity between the AT&T wireless network and Microsoft Azure and Teams servers.

What are people saying?

“We know that work now happens everywhere. AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile empowers workers both in and out of the office and puts quality of service, user experience, and enhanced security at the forefront, making communication not just easier, but smarter and future-ready,” said Mike Troiano, AT&T, Senior Vice President, Product & Pricing.

“AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile enables more productive mobility for organizations. By combining the intelligent collaboration and communication capabilities of Teams and Microsoft Azure with the reliability and security of AT&T’s network we’re able to deliver integrated mobile calling and business collaboration experiences that are reliable, scalable, and easy to manage,” said Mahendra Sekaran, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Teams Phone Engineering.

Looking Ahead

With an eye on the future, AT&T is committed to providing adaptive solutions that meet the evolving needs of the workforce. With wired and wireless options, AT&T Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams Phone brings AT&T’s reliability, security, and expertise to business customers, helping them maximize their infrastructure investments and take their communication and collaboration to the next level. 

For more information about AT&T Cloud Voice with Teams Phone Mobile, please visit

1 McKinsey, Generative AI and the Future of Work in America Report, July 26, 2023

Requires a qualified business rate plan and a separately purchased Microsoft Teams Phone license

Maximizing Mobile Value, 2022, Oxford

4 Metrigy Workplace Collaboration Report 2023-24

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