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AT&T and HAAS Alert Unveil Plans to Collaborate to Drive Connected Vehicle Innovation and Safety

AT&T Media Release | June 07, 2023

We are collaborating with HAAS to drive connected vehicle innovation and greater safety awareness on the road.

Public safety information displayed on vehicle screen

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic relationship offers first-ever bundling of connectivity and cellular vehicle-to-everything (V2X) software for automakers, marking a new era in connected vehicles
  • Bundled solution coulddrive OEM adoption of connected vehicle capabilitiesthat protect first responders, roadway workers, and motorists while building a safer and more efficient transportation ecosystem
  • AT&T’s collaboration with HAAS Alert demonstrates its commitment in cellular V2X technologies, a core service pillar of AT&T’s Connected Solutions division

AT&T* and HAAS Alert have entered into a letter of intent to bundle digital alerts from HAAS Alert’s industry-leading Safety Cloud cellular vehicle-to-everything (V2X) service with AT&T connected vehicle solutions for automakers – delivering lifesaving hazard and roadway alerts to drivers behind the wheel.

HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud is the largest cellular V2X solution in deployment, connecting emergency vehicles, roadway infrastructure, and other transportation assets together in a consolidated platform for real-time communication with motorists and consumer vehicles. Safety Cloud delivers timely hazard alerts and notifications to connected vehicles that notify drivers of nearby emergency vehicles, upcoming incidents, and other hazards, so drivers have the ability to move over safely. The alerts also help protect first responders, roadway workers and other fleets from collision, while improving safety and connectivity for all drivers.

For automakers, this relationship removes barriers to cellular V2X capabilities by offering direct integration and activation of a connected software solution and helping to minimize data costs for sending and receiving digital alerts.

The Road Ahead

HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud platform is the first-ever cellular V2X solution that public safety agencies, tow fleets, and infrastructure owner-operators can purchase and equip directly on any fleet. The service enables equipped vehicles and assets to digitally alert civilian vehicles — going a step beyond basic emergency lights and sirens for greater road safety. Digital alerts provide drivers with earlier and more effective warnings of upcoming hazards, reducing the risk of collisions and ensuring a safer and smoother ride to any destination.

Cellular V2X technologies like Safety Cloud are expected to drive even more innovation across multiple industries with connected and autonomous vehicles. Digital alerting data could be used to enable new ADAS capabilities, vehicle routing enhancements, and more. AT&T and HAAS Alert’s collaboration opens up new opportunities for advanced cellular V2X applications including smarter traffic management, emergency vehicle prioritization, and data-driven solutions that generate new insights into traffic patterns and road conditions.

With the total addressable market for connected vehicles anticipated to triple in the next five years1, the need for reliable hyper-connectivity and innovative safety solutions will be greater than ever. As more applications continue to migrate to the cloud, AT&T and HAAS Alert are equipped to support growth in connected vehicle space and connect more vehicles to the robust Safety Cloud platform.

“As a leader in connected car solutions, AT&T covers more roads and highways than any other carrier. Safety is important to us and has been the hallmark of our business for decades — ensuring we keep our customers and businesses connected through any scenario they may face,” said Cameron Coursey, vice president, Connected Solutions, AT&T. “Our relationship with HAAS Alert further extends our commitment to public safety and our confidence in connected transportation as a key growth driver in the years ahead.”

“Our strategic collaboration with AT&T marks a new chapter in the world of connected vehicles,” said Cory Hohs, CEO and Founder of HAAS Alert. “By bundling best in class cellular connectivity with best-in-class cellular V2X software capabilities, we’ve cleared the road ahead for automakers that are ready to harness the power of this technology to permanently improve transportation safety nationwide.”

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1Based on study conducted by McKinsey commissioned by AT&T Corporate Strategy and Development, August 2022

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