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AT&T and Cisco Collaborate on IoT Management

AT&T Press Release| October 23, 2020

IoT Managed Connectivity Services Provide Device Visibility Across the Network 

AT&T* and Cisco have extended their collaboration to manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices for enterprises. AT&T Control Center powered by Cisco gives businesses near real-time visibility of all the devices on their network and enhances their ability to gather and use device data to drive business outcomes. 

AT&T and Cisco manage millions of connected devices spanning manufacturing, utilities, transportation, public sector, retail and  healthcare industries as well as public safety on FirstNet, built with AT&T. 

For more than a decade, the companies have worked together to manage services for U.S. enterprises and support through the AT&T Global SIM for international roaming that provides IoT connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories. 

Many organizations require highly remote secure access, automation and connected experiences. For example, connected car manufacturers must manage the connectivity and data consumption of millions of new cars as they travel from a factory floor on one continent to a consumer’s driveway on another. Manufacturers require camera-powered quality assurance on the assembly line that uses industrial switching and private networks. Utility companies ensure water supply safety and delivery using millions of connected smart meters and sensors.  Across this wide variety of use cases and business needs, the AT&T Control Center powered by Cisco helps companies manage connectivity demands. 

AT&T and Cisco are working together to bring new solutions in Low Power Wide Area Networking and 5G that address the growing needs of customers. This includes making it easier for customers to manage IoT connectivity through advanced Control Center features that help mitigate security risks, identify anomalies in data usage as well as optimize traffic classification reporting to enhance billing clarity

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Cisco with a new multi-year agreement,” said Robert Boyanovksy, vice president, Internet of Things and Mobility, AT&T Business. “Together we can help businesses deploy IoT devices and applications faster and more securely and get more value out of devices they use.”

“Through our work with AT&T, we are helping enterprise customers accelerate their digitization initiatives and drive business outcomes with simplicity, scale and faster time to market,” said Dave Wilson, Managing Director, Global IoT Sales, Cisco. 

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