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AT&T 5G Launches New AR Effect “Warp Speed Worm”

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DALLAS, December 15, 2021

AT&T 5G Launches New AR Effect on Messenger and Instagram

Video Call Your Friends and Play “Warp Speed Worm” with Fast, Reliable, Secure AT&T 5G for Enhanced Fun

What’s the news? We’ve come a long way since the first mobile game, so we’re putting a 5G twist on a classic. Building on the insights from the Space Jam: A New Legacy AR Effect, AT&T* is back with a new augmented reality (AR) effect for you and your friends. Starting today, you can play Warp Speed Worm, an amazing new Group Effect on the Messenger and Instagram apps. It’s as easy as video calling a friend – or three – to get started!

What’s the 5G difference? Warp Speed Worm is a fast-action, interactive video calling game that our fast, reliable, secure 5G was made for. When you play with AT&T 5G, we’ll fuel your competition with faster speeds and lower lag times to deliver a seamless gaming experience on your end. 

Plus, AT&T 5G offers more capacity than its predecessor, making it perfect for your group’s video call to stay in synch. Group Effects are a new type of real-time social AR experience that recently launched on Messenger and Instagram, and we are one of the first brands to create one. The underlying Spark AR technology enables creators and developers to build effects that deliver concurrent, collaborative experiences across multiple screens. That means everyone on your video call can see and interact with the same experience as though they are in the same room. And just like 5G, the new AR experience is all about connection and speed.

How do I get started? Just open the Messenger or Instagram app on iOS or Android and start a video call. Once you’ve kicked off your call with your friends, tap the smiley face to open the effects tray, select ‘Group Effects’ and swipe to the Warp Speed Worm AR effect to start playing. Nod to begin and tilt your head to steer the worm, picking up bytes and steering through pipes along the way.

Check it out HERE to see it in action.

Warp Speed Worm is the latest AR effect launched as part of our ongoing collaboration with Meta (formerly Facebook). We took learnings from the Space Jam: A New Legacy AR Effect that launched this summer to continue developing the best experience for you. Warp Speed Worm is the latest interactive experience from AT&T 5G developed in collaboration with Meta Reality Labs – with more coming in the future.

What are people saying? “AT&T and Meta are bringing people closer together by transforming social media from sharing moments to making memories. Our 5G paired with Meta’s AR technology makes your video calls more interactive and engaging for the whole family” said David Christopher, executive vice president and general manager, partnerships and 5G ecosystem development, AT&T. “AT&T 5G is designed to support multi-player, rich experiences like Warp Speed Worm that will take your group chats beyond the chat and to another level.” 

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