OCTOBER 11 – 12, 2023 | Richardson, TX

5G Americas 2023 Analyst Forum Speakers

Brian K. Daly

AT&T Fellow & Assistant Vice President
AT&T Services, INC.


As an AT&T Fellow and Assistant Vice President for Standards & Industry Alliances for AT&T, Brian oversees AT&T’s strategy and leadership in global industry standards. Brian is a technology visionary and thought leader with knowledge of the global standards industry landscape/leadership. Brian has a broad technology perspective including 5 to 10-year trends, with focus on emerging technologies for 5G and beyond including public safety/mission critical services for FirstNet; wireless emergency alerts and earthquake early warning; C-V2X and UAS/UAVs; cybersecurity, NSEP, and critical infrastructure protection.

Chad Archer

Assistant Vice President
RAN Architecture


Chad Archer has 22 years of experience designing, deploying, and optimizing RAN networks.  Chad currently leads RAN architecture and development for AT&T.  This includes vRAN, ORAN, and other forward-looking architectures.  Before this, Chad led AT&T’s Global Technology Planning Mobility strategy team.  Chad has led wireless networks in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Texas, and Southern California.

Feza Buyukdura

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Gordon Mansfield

Vice President, Global Technology Planning
AT&T Services Inc.


Gordon Mansfield is an accomplished, highly innovative thought leader currently responsible for AT&T’s Global Technology Planning strategy. Gordon’s team is responsible for optimal planning and execution on AT&T’s fiber, wireless and shared capital spend to support network evolution, expansion and capacity. 


Gordon has been at the forefront of key technology decisions to expand access to AT&T 5G and Fiber networks.  As part of his efforts to expand 5G coverage and access, Gordon played a pivotal role in the successful deployment of C-Band spectrum in the AT&T 5G network partnering with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over air safety concerns.

Rita Marty

Vice President, Network Security
AT&T Chief Security Organization


Rita Marty leads security strategy and development for AT&T network services, products and technologies. This includes embedding controls into wireless and wireline networks, mobile devices and software-defined orchestration platforms.  Additionally, she works to provide proper protections for cloud environments, assists internal stakeholders with technical compliance and works with product development on innovative commercial and national cyber defense initiatives.

Zee Hussain

President, Public Sector and FirstNet
AT&T Services Inc.


Zee Hussain is President of AT&T Public Sector & FirstNet. An expert at defining vision, inspiring innovation and leading transformation, Zee is an experienced senior executive with over 20 years of operational and leadership success.

In his current role, Zee leads a team of 4,000 business professionals responsible for delivering AT&T’s advanced communications and technologies including 5G, fiber and FirstNet® solutions to the federal government, state and local government agencies, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, as well as first responders and health care professionals.