Board of Governors

Board Members

These members of the 5G Americas Board of Governors work cooperatively to advocate for and foster the advancement and full capabilities of LTE wireless technology and its evolution beyond to 5G, throughout the ecosystem’s networks, services, applications and wirelessly connected devices in the Americas.

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The 5G Americas Board of Governors is a diverse stakeholder mix of leading wireless carriers, network equipment providers, device manufacturers and other key providers for the 5G wireless ecosystem.

Igal Elbaz

Chairman of the 5G Americas Board of Governors
Senior Vice President, Wireless Technology

Lee Rudolph

Vice President, Mobility & Core Network

Rodrigo Cardenas

VP Mobile Networks & Optimization

Stephen B. Alexander

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Louis ‘Sam’ Samuel

Director, Mobility CTO, Mobility Business Group

Matt Melester

Senior Vice President, Office of CTO

Mark Reudink

Vice President of Product Development

Jim Nevelle

Treasurer of the 5G Americas Board of Governors
Head of Kathrein Mobile Communications, Americas

Paul Challoner

Vice President, Network Product Solutions

Barbara Baffer

Vice President, Government & Industry Relations

Asha Keddy

Corporate Vice President and General Manager

Rao Yallapragada

Director of Advanced Technologies

Pardeep Kohli

President and Chief Executive Officer

Bahram Jalalizadeh

EVP and Head of Global Sales and Strategic Marketing

John Baker

SVP, Business Development

Mike Murphy

CTO North and South America

David Nash

Regional President, North America & Australia

Dean Brenner

Senior Vice President, Spectrum Strategy & Technology Policy

Alex Interrante

Director of Hardware Engineering , Samsung Electronics America Technology Solutions

Sanjay Kodali

Head of Technology, Customer Account Team, Samsung Networks, Samsung Electronics America

Zoran Stakic

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Brian O’Shaughnessy

Senior Vice President Wireless & 5G Technology

Neville Ray

President, Technology

Karri Kuoppamaki

Vice President, Radio Network Technology Development and Strategy

Ana Valero Huete

Latin America Regulatory Director

Simon Wilson

Head of Technology and Insight, Spectrum Centre of Excellence

Juan Cristi

 Regulatory Manager, Industrial Engineer