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8th Global 5G Event

October 14 - 15, 2021

Hosted by IMT-2020

The Global 5G Event is a unique series of summits organized by the world’s leading 5G organizations committed to bringing 5G technology successfully to their country or region. It has been developed in the framework of a multilateral Memorandum of Understanding in the interest of guiding global consensus on 5G and achieving efficiencies in the roll-out of 5G technology between 5G Americas, 5G IA (EU) 5G Forum (Korea), 5G MF (Japan, 5G Brasil, TSDSI (India) and this event’s host IMT-2020 (China)

The 2 day event will include a variety of panel discussions

Chris Pearson, 5G Americas will talk about “5G Trends and Policies” 

Schedule and registration coming soon.

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