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7 Layers: 5G Part 2 — Market and Use Cases

Want to learn more about how 5G will likely be used in scenarios from self-driving cars, to manufacturing, to augmented reality and understand how telecom investments are made by wireless cellular networks? Understand how 5G networks are expanding throughout the world, as the race to the fifth generation of wireless heats up across China, South Korea, the United States and the Americas, and Europe. 

On May 5, 2020, SDxCentral interviewed 5G Americas President, Chris Pearson as part of their “7 Layers: 5G” series of independent editorial podcasts. Chris provided his viewpoint on how 5G network deployments are rolling out, potential new telecom revenue streams, and the role of 5G in IoT. 

For more information, please read SDxCentral’s original article

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