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5G Technologies in Private Networks

5G technologies are increasingly delivering enhanced networking speed, latency, bandwidth, privacy and other benefits supporting emerging applications that are built on the proven technology of private LTE networks today. This white paper showcases how 5G private networks are suitable for different groups of applications, detailing specific architectures applicable to building various types of private networks. In addition, the paper also analyzes how different types of spectrum (licensed, unlicensed, and shared) can be utilized in building private networks.

This 5G Americas white paper, with lead authors Commscope and Intel Corporation, covers the following aspects of private 5G networks:

  • Requirements and characteristics of deployment use cases to reap the best benefits
  • Emerging market landscape for indoor and outdoor scenarios based on different spectrum and other factors
  • Overview of deployment models and network architecture technical features and details
  • Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) 3.5 GHz shared spectrum technology features
  • Enterprise security considerations and technologies surrounding private networks
  • Economic value and modeling for private networks
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