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5G Network Transformation

5G Americas, the industry trade association and voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas, today announced the publication of 5G Network Transformationto outline the new heights of innovation in transforming both the radio and core networks for 5G technologies and the work being done by numerous organizations worldwide. The network architecture for 4G is connection-oriented and based on centralized mobility anchor points. With the exploding demand anticipated for new use cases and services, it is clear that a new network architecture is needed to satisfy the scalability, latency, or overall experience required in future networks. Fortunately, there is momentum and innovation in the industry toward meeting the requirements of 5G use cases. The new 5G architecture brings improved radio units with a much faster air interface when compared to LTE and a new service based architecture for the core.To support and enable both the known and unknown 5G use cases, a 5G Next Generation Core (NG-Core or NGC) and 5G New Radio (NR) are being clearly defined and standardized. The whitepaper focuses on 5G NGC architecture, which is defined as service-based and the interaction between network functions are represented in two ways: network functions within the 5G Control Plane (5GC); and network functions connecting to the 5G control plane from the RAN network. Network functions within the 5G CP shall only use service-based interfaces for their interactions.

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