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5G in the Public Square

Join 5G Americas President Chris Pearson as he dives deep with experienced speakers to explore the future impact of 5G on public services

With over 400 million 5G connections and 167 commercial 5G networks live around the world today, 5G is rapidly becoming mainstream. The fifth generation of wireless heralds a new age of connectivity with the capacity to deliver tremendous amounts of data at lightning speeds to up to a million mobile devices per square kilometer. How are government institutions, local municipalities, and school administrators looking to manage the deluge of mobile data that’s about to hit them?

While 5G is a pivotal technology that amplifies the impact of Industry 4.0, it will have broader social implications as public officials seek to close the digital divide and bring public services to all their citizens. Today’s discussion will focus on the impact of 5G on government agencies, smart cities, and the education sector, as leaders grapple with implementing next generation wireless solutions for their constituents.

This conversation is part of a broader series of virtual talks held by 5G Americas entitled “5G and Industry 4.0.” The first discussion was held on April 13, 2021 and focused on the automotive and manufacturing industries.

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