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5G and the Cloud

To highlight the value and challenges of Cloud-Native5G Americas announced the publication of a white paper titled, 5G and the Cloud 

The white paper introduces these cloud-native concepts, grapples with how they will change 5G networks, identifies challenges that remain in the adoption of Cloud-Native, and offers some solutions in the form of reference architectures produced by standards organizations, as well as other recommendations on the path towards network operator adoption. 

Cloud-Native concepts offer several key advantages that can accelerate the development and enhancement of wireless network features and capabilities. These include many modern techniques used by Cloud Computing, including Containerization, MicroServices, Control-User Plane Separation, Service Mesh, Continuous Integration and Delivery, and DevOps or application development-operations. 

Chris Pearson, President, 5G Americas said, Developers are in the process using fully automated continuous integration to test and push new codes and concepts to production. Cloud Native is going to enable enterprises and telecom sector to bring newer ideas to production at a significantly reduced time, which can lead to increased competitiveness coupled with solid innovation.” 

The 5G and the Cloud white paper presents a comprehensive: 

  • Introduction to Cloud Native 
  • ETSI-based Network Function Virtualization and Cloud Native network functions in a 5G framework 
  • Implementation and Migration Strategies for 5G Core 
  • Cloud Native Problems and Realities 

In addition to examining the road to a Cloud Native 5G corethe white paper also identifies the rich open source-supporting ecosystem and that has enabled the Cloud Native approach to build and run applications that fully exploit the benefits of the cloud computing model. This model includes services architectures, infrastructure-as-code, automation, continuous integration/delivery pipelines, monitoring tools, and more 

The white paper also delves into the requirements of 5G and how the Cloud Native model is applied with details on migration strategies, best practices, deployment models with an explanation of predictable issues around the reality of deployment. 5G and the Cloud provides deep insight into 5G Cloud Native design, including best practices and deployment models for Cloud Native Network Functions and reference architectures, to keep processing latency in line with 5G requirements while providing the required robust implementation essential for service provider deployment 

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