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5G Americas Statement on FCC Vote on 2024 Open Internet Order

On April 25, The Federal Communications Commission voted on new Open Internet rules, drawing industry concern in regards to stifling innovation and investment in high-speed mobile networks.

In regard to the FCC vote, 5G Americas has the following statement:

“5G Americas supports the open nature of internet access which has already become a market prerequisite in the quarter century since the Internet’s commercialization. Our mobile wireless networks provide open and transparent internet access while allowing carriers to manage their networks to perform for their customers. The market has naturally ensured open internet access, making additional government intervention in the cellular industry sector counterproductive. New regulatory constraints in the US could stifle innovation, reduce investment, decrease consumer benefits, slow global technological leadership and negatively affect the economy. Mobile wireless broadband has flourished in the US and there is no need to overregulate a competitive, innovative sector with outdated rules.  It is time to end this regulatory teeter totter of uncertainty and have Congress pass bi-partisan federal legislation for a transparent framework of open internet principles that will continue to allow the US mobile wireless industry to lead, innovate and invest for the benefit of all Americans.”

Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas

5G Americas

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