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5G Americas Response to Department of Defense RFI on 5G

On September 18, 2020, the Department of Defense issued a request for information regarding dynamic spectrum access to the wireless industry, seeking insight into innovative solutions and technologies regarding its use in 5G networks. The request’s purpose was to assess the current spectrum allocation to accelerate spectrum sharing and 5G deployment and to ensure the greatest effective and efficient use of the Department of Defense’s spectrum for training and readiness.  


5G Americas provides the following white paper in response to the Department of Defense RFI.

5G Americas Response to Department of Defense RFI

Download 5G Americas' white paper in response to the Department of Defense's Request for Information regarding dynamic spectrum access for 5G networks.

5G deployment is a national strategy goal far too important to squander in a lengthy process. 5G deployment is critical to U.S. economic, technology, industrial and military leadership. . .This will require allowing the private sector to deploy the latest globally-standardized technology from 3GPP and not having the Department operate a public 5G network through use of either DSS or DSA, or by subleasing assigned spectrum to the industry.

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