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5G Americas Presents: 5G in the Factory and on the Road

April 13, 2021 Virtual

Having survived the global COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises around the world are accelerating their digital transformations to accommodate both a remote workforce and customer base. As they adjust to the new realities of their industries, many companies increasingly view 5G networks as a critical component to the connectivity of their operations and for the new potential revenue streams that they may be able to unleash.

With over 160 commercial 5G networks now live around the world, 2021 looks to be a pivotal year for enterprises seeking to develop new applications and services that will take advantage of the extremely fast data throughput, very low network latencies, and more efficient control over a vast number of IoT devices that 5G brings to the table.

Today’s discussion focuses on 5G networks in the manufacturing and automotive sectors. Panelists include speakers from leading network operators, network equipment manufacturers, and leaders in the manufacturing and automotive space.


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