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2020 5G Outlook

In October 2019, Chris Pearson attended Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles. The Converge! Network Digest team interviewed him for his perspective on trends for 5G in the Year 2020. Chris predicted 2020 will be a huge year for 5G. This 2-minute video highlights some key ingredients necessary for the success of 5G, including the need for more spectrum, network densification, and the move to 5G Stand Alone architecture.

Converge! Network Digest provides comprehensive, insightful coverage of the convergence across all layers of the network, including both wireless and optical technologies. Key areas of focus include network architecture, packet systems, network processors, data center design, advanced services and the Silicon Valley Start-up scene.

Early adopters of 5G technology have begun to take advantage of numerous initial 5G network rollouts in 2019, according to 5G Americas, the wireless industry trade association and voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas. According to data based from Ovum, there are now five million 5G connections globally as of the end of 2019.

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