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2016 Latin America e-health

Latin America is a region where a wide range of realities and different sectors of society converge. Future challenges include not only bridging gaps in economic development, but in a range of other areas as well, including health, education, public safety, democratic stability and many others.
These challenges also include Information and Communication Technology (ICT) deployment. This means pushing horizontal development to drive convergence among different sectors in order to increase and improve quality of life for Latin American was created with this goal in mind, focusing particularly on the use of wireless broadband networks. This is a blog produced by 5G Americas to promote and raise awareness for this type of ICT initiative. This open-access blog will provide information a wide range of initiatives, services and trends and look at the way technology is used to improve people’s quality of life. It will also have support from a number of contributors, such as analysts and other industry representatives who will provide interviews and write columns.

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